Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Loom Inventory - 2019

One of my weaving friends, Theresa asked what looms I currently have here in my studio.  I thought I would oblige her and give a run down of the present loom herd here on the farm.

Here at the beginning of 2019 I have two small bedrooms filled with my weaving looms, equipment and yarns.  I affectionately call them studio A and studio B.  

In studio A, I have my favorite loom - an 8 shaft Glimore.  Pepper decided that photo bombing my loom shot was a great idea.  Seems my little girl is getting very silver in her middle age.

Studio B, contains two bigger looms.  My Leclerc Nilus, which is new to me and is working out to be a great loom, only wish she was 8 shafts.

Tucked in near the LeClerc is my new to me 4 shaft Norwood Loom, sporting her first warp in my studio.  Jack and his sister, Pepper are pretty sure I am going to sit down and weave which means they get to take a nap while I work.

In studio B's tiny little closet I have stored my Glimakra Ideal 4 shaft CM loom and my Glimakra band/tape loom.  There is not enough room in my tiny studio rooms to set up these looms.  The other reason the Ideal is dismantled is because I am just not all that thrilled with CM Swedish loom weaving, I love the way the Swedish looms look but I really dislike weaving on them.  I am a jack loom girl and that is all there is to it.  In the spring when the weather breaks I need to get my act together and sell the Ideal.  

The Glimakra Ideal 4 shaft CM loom, waiting in the closet for spring to come so I can sell her.

The Glimakra band/tape loom sitting on the top shelf of studio B's closet.  Not sure I will ever use this loom, but I can't sell her just yet.

Looms have certainly come and gone through the years, some might say I have a love of searching for just the right loom (they just might be right).  Right now I am content with the loom herd I have, but...who knows what the future will bring.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Well, you've been squirreling away more looms than I thought! ;-) I'm not much fond of Swedish looms either. I'm still surprised that the Macomber wasn't a keeper. If you ever get the chance try out a Louet David. I've grown exceptionally fond of that loom and the LeClerc Fanny is quickly becoming a favorite too, but CB looms are of course different. Jack and Pepper are both looking quite dashing.

  2. Hope all is well at your house. I have reply to my own blog using my phone. Not sure what the heck is going on. Hugs for the crew