Saturday, October 27, 2018

Four New Beauties

Four new beauties arrived this morning bright and early.  These lovely ladies add a special note of grace and beauty to our farm.

From left to right

White alpaca far left- Caress
directly behind her - Leena
next to her - Nincasi
far right - Rella

These beautiful girls were purchased from Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm in Frankfort, MI.  
David Nelson, D.V.M, his wife - Chris, son - Stephan and daughter-in-law Kristin all went the extra mile to ensure we made wise decisions concerning our purchase.

We are so delighted to have our alpacas and have had a wonderful experience getting ready for them to move onto the farm.   

Nice shot of Caress and Leena, both the girls are watching our chickens with intense concentration.

Mike and I want to thank the Nelson family.
Their personal attention to our needs and answering all our questions while we worked out getting our farm ready for the girls is very special to us.  What a special and wonderful way to begin raising our Alpaca girls and make some new friends.

Thank You!


  1. Aren't they quite the bevy of doe-eyed beauties! Congratulations Martha and Mike on your lovely farm and family additions.

  2. Oh they're beautiful Martha. Hope they're settling into their new surroundings ok.

  3. They are SOOOO cute! I hope they are as sweet and gentle as they look.